Strategic Planning

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Internet data analysis | Website promotion, advertising and design

Chris Mead Associates (CMA) can analyze your traffic, audience and customer data to help optimize traditional marketing and/or online marketing. We specialize in discovering opportunities hidden deep inside layers of data spawned from web sites. We will optimize your web site for search engines (SEO) as well as for your visitors. This will increase conversion rates and sales!

Discovery and Assessment
Our initial process organizes existing information, searches for trends, identifies key phrases and words and compares your site performance against industry peers and competitors. Once the data is assimilated and organized we craft a comprehensive plan based around opportunities.

Traffic Analysis
How the site is trending? We will comb through server logs, other analytics and surveys to discover trends. An online (push, on-site or in-person) user survey might be required to reveal demographic data.

Search Engine Review
We produce an overview of site performance on the major search engines, detail commonly-used search phrases and discover what competitors/peers are doing. This initial analysis is usually done without benefit of client input to allow an independent view of the site’s performance.

Analysis brief
Once the traffic data has been digested we present findings, uncover best practice competitors/peers and talk about strategic goals for the site. This conversation must take place to understand what kind of conversion metrics we will install and analytic systems we will use if none exist. This is more guide post than report card.