Strategic Planning

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Internet data analysis | Website promotion, advertising and design

We were selling advertising on newspaper web sites in 1997. Rough going? You bet. We learned a whole lot though. Today, we've finely honed sales techniques for both traditional print and broadcast sales forces.

We believe in telling, not selling. We will help your staff show potential and existing advertisers how cool and remarkable your internet products are. We will help you get going quickly and define benchmarks to track progress.

A Chris Mead Associates (CMA) customized training program will help your company generate significant revenue from your web site(s). This is accomplished through a comprehensive product-training program custom designed for your market.

Training normally includes one day for basic internet training including terms, technology, spending patterns, prospect identification and understanding your existing solutions. We usually set aside three days for 4-leg sales calls after basic training.

The result is a practical sales model, well-trained traditional and online salespeople and actual closed sales you can take to the bank.

We present a market-opportunity report with online advertising estimates and competitive reviews specific to your market. This report identifies lucrative categories in addition to a wealth of marketing information staff can use on the road.