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Strategic Planning

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Internet data analysis | Website promotion, advertising and design

Chris Mead Associates (CMA) helps clients realize internet solutions that increase sales and visitors, build brand loyalty, improve customer service, open new distribution/sales channels and improve work processes.

Our experience came from web site construction. We built gorgeous, functioning sites but soon realized internet tactics were often lost as the daily crunch of doing business washed over the project. Many web sites became afterthoughts rather than Central, customer/revenue producing engines. We help our clients understand how to integrate digital assets into existing business plans.
CMA is always in front of technology. We're building email products, experimenting with PDA/text-message delivery, opening self-service sales channels, exploiting social networking sites, creating podcasts, adding video to text and building communities.

Many ideas and constructs will be disruptive. More than a few will be experimental. Your company will benefit from our relentless pursuit of possibilities and extreme sensitivity to budget needs.

Relevant experience counts
We’ve been in the internet trenches since the beginning. We understand the need to establish and execute a focused strategy including how to maintain, grow, develop and take advantage of changing market and industry conditions. We’ve built large-scale public web sites and countless client sites. We’ve built and sold product for both consumer and business-to-business customers.

Honest evaluations and real solutions
We will be completely honest and work as a member of your team.  We will bring you the 30,000-foot view, unearth problems then suggest workable solutions and provide a customized action plan without techno babble. Every tactic will be pragmatic, measurable and enhance your corporate marketing plan.

A vision for the future
You have a unique vision for your business and a plan to bring that vision into reality. We will provide new-media solutions that dovetail with your corporate marketing strategy to meet the challenges and opportunities that have arisen from the internet. We will be intimately aware of trends.

The synergy of many ideas
The best actions arise from the best ideas. Quality comes from experience and a myriad of opinions. We have worked with many internet consultants and vendors who share insights with me regularly. We have contacts with every local service provider and understand how to find and compare external vendors – we’ve developed many workplans and RFPs.

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